Digital Narratives

Digital Narratives are a great way to tell a story. Daniel Meadow‘s lecture inspired me to have a go at making my own digital narrative.

Every day, we tell stories and anecdotes to our friends about things which have happened to us.  Digital narratives give us the opportunity to tell those stories with digital images.

Similarly, researcher Ruth Page found watching other people’s digital narratives inspired her to think about how she could make her own digital narratives for teaching. I think there is something about their rough-edged simplicity, which makes them seem so honest and attractive.

I made this digital narrative when I was researching and writing a profile of an area of Cardiff.

My story is both about that area and the adventures I had doing the research.

I welcome any comments!



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5 responses to “Digital Narratives

  1. Martin Shankleman

    Aagh. I can’t get your video to work. Could you re-send? XDad

  2. hrwaldram

    Awesome first digital story Jess. Especially like the bit about the shop and the florist.
    I’m inspired!

  3. Very nice 🙂 You might also find some alternate forms for your stories here

  4. Martin Shankleman

    Good stuff, enjoyed the vdieo. How old was the person who died on the tracks? teenage suicide?

  5. cjshankleman

    Thanks for your comments. Hannah, I’m looking forward to seeing your digital narrative!

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