My Football Writer and Backchat

Rick Waghorn‘s My Football Writer is making and doing the digital revolution. He’s not only the owner and manager of My Football Writer – a domain, which delivers news and opinions on individual football clubs – he has also just signed a deal with Channel 4’s 4IP for his Backchat application.








Backchat is similar to an interactive forum and is hosted by Jaiku, which is like Twitter. With Backchat, communities can develop around an area of interest, such as their favourite television programme, celebrity or football team.

But unlike a traditional forum, people can communicate from mobile phones, which takes the conversation away from a computer and into the street.

As Jaiku also allows people to give their location, people chatting in the same town could find one another and meet up to talk, which makes me realise this revolution isn’t here to take us a million miles from what we already know. Just make it better.

The fact Waghorn is a seasoned journalist shows the digital revolution isn’t just young people coming up from behind and booting out the old schools. Good journalists like Waghorn have recognised their work needs a new display case, so they make one.


Skimming 4IP’s blog, I also came across the Complaints Choirs of the World. People in cities all over the world have joined together to sing their complaints in harmony and they sound great.

If anyone thinks Cardiff needs one, please let me know because after attending some local PACT meetings, I think it’s much needed.


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