Is Barack Obama an Excessive Exerciser?

Will Obama resort to lifting weights in the street?

Will Obama resort to lifting weights in the street?

Barack Obama is exercising for an hour a day, six days a week because he’s got he weight of the world on his shoulders.

Exercise is often recommended as one of the best forms of stress relief, and Obama must be really feeling the pressure right now.

As President Elect, he’s preparing to be president. The sense of anticipation must be bigger than waiting for Christmas and a lot more stressful. But he’s not sitting around doing nothing; he’s getting ready for change.

Last Thursday’s Times ran an article asking whether Obama might have a problem with excessive exercise. He had complained because he can now only exercise 45 minutes a day, rather than the full hour he’s used to.

He may be exercising more than most people, but against that, his lifestyle is probably pretty different to most people. There are many hugely successful people who have had worse habits than exercising a lot.

The fact he complained, may be just a case of him adjusting to a new lifestyle, where he is likely to have less time for himself than before.

The Obama campaign did a good job of portraying him as perfect. Now, after the election, photos of him smoking and stories of him over-exercising have come out, his public image may change.

Although news stories suggest he has quite a rigid diet too, only time will tell if it is a serious problem.


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