Making short work of shorthand

The new Livescribe pulse pen has been hailed as a godsend for journalists struggling with shorthand.

lightscribe penIt works by recording at the same time you write, then when you later tap it on the outline (written on special Livescribe paper), it tells you what was written at that point in the lecture, conference, or wherever you were when you were writing.

It’s a great fallback for people who can’t read their shorthand notes very well, but a fellow journalist mentioned it might have bigger implications.

The pen looks almost the same as any other kind of pen, so might some people get away with taking it into court where recording devices are not allowed?

At the moment, it’s only available at a reasonable price in the USA, where recording devices are allowed, so that isn‘t a problem. But when it is introduced to Europe, courts may have to checks journalists’ pockets a little bit more thoroughly.


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