Bolt‘s 3D effects strike a good balance between enhancing the experience and not intruding on the story.


 You might have to don a pair of 3D specs to watch it, but there is nothing gimmicky about Bolt.

Disney’s latest animation is full of action and adventure and peppered with sentimentality to appeal to both boys and girls.

It is the story of Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) a cute, but fearless dog, who lives in a Truman Show– like film set in Hollywood, where he plays a super-dog with superpowers on his own TV show Bolt.

When he escapes from the set, Bolt realises his super-bark and heat vision powers are fake, but with the help of a mafiosa cat called Mittens (Susie Essman) and a great orator, Rhino the hamster (Mark Walton), he discovers his mortal strengths. It is this path of self-discovery which adds the sentimental touch, but that doesn’t take away anything from making it a light-hearted comedy.

Especially funny are the various head-bobbing pigeons, who appear in each city that Bolt visits, with different character-types to suit each place. From a streetwise New York trio of pigeons to the movie-pitching Hollywood birds. 

It’s also worth arriving on time to catch a short 3D animation of an exhilarating and amusing car race in Tokyo. 

The 3D effects strike a good balance between enhancing the experience but not intruding on the story, but adults especially should be warned that watching a film with a pair of 3D glasses can be more demanding and tiring on the eyes than usual.

PG, running time 103 minutes.




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