Chuckletrek the Lost Generation


The Chuckle Brothers are still funny and, rather surprisingly, still going strong as the all-singing, all-dancing duo in their latest stage tour.

After a grand musical opening, which was sang to one of their catchphrases ‘no slacking’, Paul and Barry Chuckle livened up their audience by throwing out sweets, individual crisps and clowning around with water pistols.

Although there were a few technical hitches, the whole cast threw themselves into a plot about Barry and Paul being accidently transported into space aboard the Starship Exercise, where they are given work but caused mayhem.

There were the usual play on words and catchphrases, and with more water pistols, cream pies in faces and general slapstick comedy the children roared for more.

Especially good were a series of magic tricks, which provided a welcome break for those audience members with shorter attention spans and there was some great mime artistry when the brothers try to play football on a planet with no gravity.

For a circus style show, the music was surprisingly hip, again keeping the children enthralled and the acrobatic finale had even the adults sufficiently impressed.

The Chucklebrothers’s Chuckle Trek – The Lost Generation was perfect for parents trying to keep their children entertained over the half-term break and despite a few parts, which seemed under rehearsed, the Chuckles clearly put a lot of thought into creating a varied and dynamic show.

The cherry on top was that they promised to sign everybody’s programme outside. They might be clowns, but they are certainly dedicated.
St Davids Hall, Cardiff

17 Feb
4/ 5 stars


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