Mum’s warning on ‘danger lights’

A mother has issued a warning to parents after her 10-year-old son was “scarred for life” on a pedestrian crossing.


Regan Stanton, was knocked off his bike on a pelican crossing in Old Shoreham Road near Park Way close, Southwick.

He suffered burns on his back from sliding across the road and shoulder injuries. Last night, Regan’s mother issued a warning to hundreds of children who could be putting their lives at risk when they use the same crossing as they walk to and from school.

Kerry Stanton, 36, of Prince Charles Close, said the green man was still flashing when Regan, who attends the Glebe Primary, started crossing on a small children’s bike.

She said a van knocked the youngster to the floor and pushed the bike across the road.

Mrs Stanton said: “Regan came off his bike. The van pushed the bike, which pushed Regan in turn, making him slide across the floor and burn his back.”

The terrified ten-year-old ran home where he was later treated by paramedics.

Three days later, Regan was taken to Worthing Hospital, where he was told the scars from his burns would be permanent.

Mrs Stanton said: “I just want to warn people about this crossing. I had never thought about it until this happened, but that crossing is used by hundreds of school children who go to and from Eastbrook Primary School twice a day and I’m worried it might happen again.”

A spokeswoman for West Sussex County Council said there had been no reported problems with the crossing.

She said: “There are different types of crossing and this particular crossing is a pelican crossing.

“This means the green man flashes to warn pedestrians time is running out to complete their crossing. It should not be taken as an indication it is safe to begin crossing.

“At the same time, cars see a flashing amber light, which means they can move off if it’s safe to do so.

“There have been no reported problems with this particular crossing.”

But Mrs Stanton said that, like many parents, she taught Regan to cross when the green man is lit.

She said: “You always say to your children, if the green man is there, it’s safe to cross.

“It’s difficult to get them to understand it’s a different rule if it’s flashing.”

This story was originally published in The Argus on 3 April 2009.



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