Will good journalism be the first casualty of the digital revolution in the media? part two

Nicholas Brett, Group Editorial Director of BBC Magazines said good journalism is about putting the reader first.

2668080665_8c925d2b06So, while the Daily Telegraph newspaper used to have one deadline, Telegraph.co.uk now has multiple deadlines, because it understands people want news at different points in the day; mainly early in the morning, around lunchtime and then four or five o’clock in the afternoon.

Speedy communication is a key to the internet, so although micro-blogging service Twitter is mainly used for social networking, it is also a useful tool for journalists.

In December last year, Reuters held a Newsmaker press conference with David Cameron, where web readers and Twitter users had their questions put to him. The conference was also webcast live, which helped open it up to a wider audience.

What’s more, Rodney Pinder, Director of the International News Safety Institute said communication plays a major role in journalists’ safety.

In April last year, James Karl Buck, a graduate journalism student from the University of California, Berkeley, and his translator Mohammed Maree, were arrested in Mahalla, Egypt for photographing an anti-government demonstration.

Mr Buck used his mobile phone to send the message “Arrested” to alert his Twitter followers. In turn, they contacted Berkeley, the US Embassy and the press.

Within 24 hours of his arrest, Mr Buck was released and able to tweet “Free” from his phone.

Biz Stone, cofounder of Twitter said: “[the story] highlights the simplicity and value of a real-time communication network which follows you wherever you go.”


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