Captured journalists in North Korea families speak out

My cousin’s wife Laura Ling has been detained in North Korea for the last three months and is due to go on trial.  Below is a blog post written by him today for Larry King’s blog.

Laura Ling, far right, with her mother, center, and sister Lisa Ling, left

Laura Ling, far right, with her mother, center, and sister Lisa Ling, left

By Iain Clayton

As the trial date of June 4th approaches, I grow increasingly apprehensive and nervous about the fate of my wife, Laura Ling, and her colleague, Euna Lee. They have now been detained by the Government of the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] for nearly three months. During this time I have had very limited contact with her and really, really miss her.

I think about her every moment of the day and try to imagine what she is doing, how nervous she must be and ask what I can do to make things better and ultimately bring them home. We have been together for 12 years and this is the longest I’ve gone without hearing her voice. We just bought our first house and it feels so empty without Laura. The pillows she ordered arrived a couple weeks ago, I wish she could see them.

Apart from writing her a letter every day, I have tried to make her situation a little more bearable by sending her parcels of things she loves – like dried squid and beef jerky.  Since USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL do not deliver there from the US, I have resorted to sending them via my family in the United Kingdom.  I found out today that one I sent nearly three weeks ago has finally arrived. I find it amazing that it takes that long to send a parcel anywhere in the world.

I think it is this isolation that attracted them to the assignment in the first place. A trip that may end up with them indicted and tried, even though they were journalists simply covering a story.

You can also watch a video here of his appearance with the rest of Laura and Euna’s families on the Today programme in America.


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