Excess packaging with Vodafone sim cards

I bought a pay-as-you-go sim today and was shocked by the amount of excess packaging which came with it    


The excess packaging from my new sim card

The excess packaging from my new sim card

The Vodafone sim, unlike some of the others on offer, was free as long as I bought £10 worth of credit with it. This makes it even more surprising that the company is prepared to spend money on excess card and plastic.

As well as the price, the package was difficult to get into and so I ended up having to rip in open rather than just fold it open. Once the origami-like packaging was open, the only thing in there was a credit-card sized piece of plastic with a sim card in it to pop out. This piece of plastic does help to establish its authenticity but the extra wrapping was unnecessary.

The Government has just announced a new strategy to help curb the amount of excess packaging on our shelves. It is called Making the Most of Our Packaging. 

The proposals include making it easier to take action against manufacturers of excess and unnecessary packaging; encouraging shoppers to continue to report excessive packaging to trading standards; The Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) will work with manufacturers and retailers to reduce packaging for everyday products; and making more packaging recyclable.

Although the sim card packaging was recyclable, it does not make it okay. Packaging is pointless unless it has a purpose to protect the item inside.


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