UK government on the right track to bring offshore wind inward investment

The British government appears to be taking the right steps to secure inward investment from offshore wind turbine manufacturers.

Offshore wind turbine

A Siemens SWT-2.3-93 offshore wind turbine

Two innovative non-UK wind turbine companies, which received substantial government funding last year, have taken further steps in committing to UK manufacturing.

Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe this week signalled its intention to invest up to £100 million in a UK turbine research and development project in the UK, creating up to 200 highly skilled jobs, while last week, Clipper Windpower broke ground at a new turbine blade manufacturing plant in Newcastle, which is expected to create up to 500 jobs by 2020.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills plans to grant Mitsubishi up to a further £30 million to support its project. That money is in addition to a grant of £0.81 million  to Mitsubishi in December last year from the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Environmental Transformation Fund.

Meanwhile, DECC awarded Clipper £2.5 milliion from ETF in December last year, on top of £4.4 million from the Low Carbon Energy Demonstration capital grants scheme in September.

The government is continuing to  invest in renewables innovation by announcing another call for proposals for £8 million from the ETF this week, this time specifically for smaller projects in the offshore wind supply chain.

The Carbon Trust chief executive Tom Delay said Mitsubishi’s announcement was a “massive vote of confidence” in the UK’s renewable sector.

“We are clearly now open for business and importantly we are now winning business.”


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