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User Generated Content

Journalists Don’t Just Report News…

At the end of his lecture last week on the Hutton Report, Richard Tait suggested the media’s reportage of the current financial crisis might be worsening the problem; but what about user generated content?

They Can Create It

Two weeks ago, somebody wrote on CNN’s “unedited, unfiltered” I Report that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack. It was a false claim, but until Apple denied the story, their stock price dropped.

Although Duncan Riley said CNN failed by not moderating their content on I Report, he also said it was “a traditional stock scam… that says absolutely nothing about citizen journalism at all.”

Changing The Way We Think

UGC could make it difficult to find quality content, but what’s to say this is a bad thing?

While it may be frustrating for people to sift through a mass of UGC to find a few good stories, it could make them more critical readers.

McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists suggests a free press works to inform the public, so allows them to have an opinion and consequently freedom of speech.

I think UGC encourages people to be inquisitive, so they can become a collaborator as well as a reader.



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