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Bloggers in pyjamas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Homemade YouTube videos are now so popular that online audiences are getting their own columns in newspapers.

Convergence is just as much about print journalists learning to write for the web, as it is about also about them realising their audiences can do it too.

Yesterday, The Observer Magazine and Guardian.co.uk published Make-Up Artist Lauren Luke’s first style tips column.

Unlike other published make-up artists,  Miss Luke, 27, until recently, was a taxi office worker in South Shields, Tyneside and made it big by posting videos on You Tube about the best ways to apply make up.

Her videos have been watched more than 31m times, and she is the second most popular YouTube user in Britain.

Firstly, this is a good example of how the internet is a democratising force.  Secondly it shows how individual writers are becoming bigger brands than the papers they work for.

Lauren is even popular in the US, where bloggers such as Michelle, who writes Seeking Grace and Glitter, wrote: “Not only is Lauren amazingly talented, but she’s also very likable (and quite funny!) Her accent is pretty cool, too, quite similar to a Scottish brogue.”

She also points out how Lauren has been able to cash in on her success- something which many online publishers find difficult.

Michelle said: “Lauren was even one of the first YouTube partners in the UK, meaning she shares in the revenue of its advertisements.”

Lauren’s amateur style contributes to a kind of journalism, which doesn’t demand perfect professionalism, but real people doing real things.

Convergence is also about changing thinking about why journalism exists and what is the best way to offer it.

Watch my video here about why people are so interested in making and watching bloggers’ home made videos:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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User Generated Content

Journalists Don’t Just Report News…

At the end of his lecture last week on the Hutton Report, Richard Tait suggested the media’s reportage of the current financial crisis might be worsening the problem; but what about user generated content?

They Can Create It

Two weeks ago, somebody wrote on CNN’s “unedited, unfiltered” I Report that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack. It was a false claim, but until Apple denied the story, their stock price dropped.

Although Duncan Riley said CNN failed by not moderating their content on I Report, he also said it was “a traditional stock scam… that says absolutely nothing about citizen journalism at all.”

Changing The Way We Think

UGC could make it difficult to find quality content, but what’s to say this is a bad thing?

While it may be frustrating for people to sift through a mass of UGC to find a few good stories, it could make them more critical readers.

McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists suggests a free press works to inform the public, so allows them to have an opinion and consequently freedom of speech.

I think UGC encourages people to be inquisitive, so they can become a collaborator as well as a reader.


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